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Our hosting is better than our competitors because it's enterprise-grade. Let us show you.

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All of our servers are backed up every hour, ready to go if there's a disaster. You can also schedule your own backups within the customer portal.

Backed by AWS

All JM Tech products and services are backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you can leverage the same infrastructure as Netflix, Airbnb and Nokia!

99.95% Availabilty

Our hosting services are designed and operated to be available 99.95% of the time, 24/7 every day of the year - that's a maximum of 21mins down time a month.

Jun 9th JM Tech hosting is here!

So I decided to make it happen. I started my Internet journey back before the Internet was the Internet - frequenting dial-up bulletin boards and the ever-enticing Compuserve. It was a glorious time of dial tones and disconnections, and of course, waiting. I've always had some kind of Internet presence, be it dabbling in HTML 2.0 to host my own ... Read More »

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